This Pre-clinical workshop aims to enable the Dentist to perform tooth preparation for dental laminates/veneers. It also aims to teach impression techniques. The lectures help excel the tooth preparation skills for different teeth and taking accurate impressions. 



    • Treatment planning and Clinical Tips for the use of Dental laminates 
    • Master the steps to prepare the tooth for placement of Dental Laminates



    The learner will get to practice the steps of Preparation of Crown on 12 extracted teeth /typodonts under the observation or guidance of an expert Prosthodontist. All the steps will be performed under Dental Loupes. The last two preparations will be like a test, where you have to finish the preparation within 30 minutes.


    Materials provided at the center:

    • Extracted teeth/typhodonts 
    • Dental Loupes 
    • Impression material and trays


    Materials to be brought by the learner:

    • Airotor and micromotor
    • A set of burs

Preclinical Prerequisite:

Completing the series of online video lectures of docMEP’s Basics of Dental Laminates. 

Rs. 12,000 (Inclusive GST)

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