This Pre-Clinical workshop aims to enable the Dentist to handle the Root canal instruments, materials and practice the steps of Root Canal Treatment in extracted teeth and take approval from the expert mentor. The preclinical workshop helps in excelling the skills and boosting confidence before the procedure is performed on a patient to help prevent errors and provide quality treatment. The last Root Canal Treatment will be like a test, where you have to finish the procedure within 45 minutes.

    Why Pre-clinical?

    Before performing the procedure on the patient, the dentist should be an expert in the basics of the procedure, the skills required, and the prevention and management of all possible errors. A dentist can NEVER learn on a patient. 

    Before performing the procedure on the patient, preclinical practice is crucial in building confidence and thus, preventing the risk of errors and increasing the chances of success of the treatment. This is why pre-clinical practice is an important part of the BDS and MDS course curriculum.  



    • Prepare the access cavity for Root canal treatment. 
    • Master the different techniques for cleaning and shaping as well as  irrigation of the canals
    • Master the techniques of Obturation 
    • Learn and Practice the infection control protocol in Endodontic treatment


    Preclinical Pre-requisite:

    Completing the series of online video lectures of docMEP’s Basics of Endodontics online lectures. 

Preclinical Workshop Details:

The learner will get to practice all the steps of Root Canal Treatment on 50 extracted teeth including both anterior as well as posterior teeth under the supervision and guidance of an expert Endodontist. This includes 50 access openings and 30 completed cases. 

All the steps will be performed using Dental Loupes. 

This advanced preclinical hands-on option helps in perfection in all the steps of the root canal. 

Note: You can start with the basic option (that includes hand-on on 12 extracted teeth) and will get an option to upgrade to this advanced preclinical workshop.


Materials provided at the center:

  • Extracted teeth 
  • Kit consisting of 1 set of files (hand files and rotary files), and the materials required for irrigation and obturation 
  • Dental Loupes to perform the procedure
  • Endo Motor and Apex locator

Materials to be brought by the learner:

  • Airotor/micromotor 
  • A set of burs: Round bur, Straight bur, Endo access bur, Non-end cutting, Dumbbell bur polishing, Dumbbell bur cutting

44999/- (Inclusive GST)

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